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Coffee detox continues

I thought I would try doing without the coffee entirely today but a throbbing headache began by noon. Lots of overwork is no doubt a contributor, but I brewed a cup (used a single cup melita) of 1/4 coffee and 3/4 almond flavored Teccino and I felt all better. I will try to eliminate it again tomorow or go for the same ratio and see what happens. Only 4 days until my 10 day detox fast begins, so I will really try to do without!


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First day of coffee withdrawal

Last week I guided a Raw Juice Fast and Knitting by the Fire, 5 day retreat here at American Yogini. I blogged this at my other blog: and you will read how it went and have a peek at the cute stocking and scarf that came of it.

So today I begin my brand new blog in preparation for a brand new year and to really start things off right, I am taking myself away to do a raw juice fast for 10 (yes TEN) days at my teachers center in Arizona, the Tree of Life.

American Yogini, which I concieved almost two years ago, and launched about 18 months ago became really busy for the first time this summer and I guided over 30 events and raw juice fasts myself, and I am really wanting to do one of my own. I am the pro who takes care of everyone else, but my success has had a shadow side: I, just exactly like my student/guests, seem to require a total getting away and checking out of life in order to rest my body with a juice fast. So as christmas time will be a slow time I figured it was the perfect time.

I have been drinking coffee again, over the past few high speed months of my business growing so quickly, that little habit just slipped right back into my life. I also am aware that those coffee headaches are perhaps the least comfortable of all the “detox events”. So I am doing my own program. Beginning with subbing half my starbucks grand with decalf. I suppose at Starbucks they call that a half-caf. Did you know that you should be able to get free-trade coffee upon request at Starbucks? I am coming up so so on that. Not totally “yogini approved”. I like that option for sure.

I discovered a great coffee called “The Groovy Mind” that is totally Fair Trade. So I am brewing that at AY now.

No problem today, enjoyed my “half caf grande” ( pronounced grahhhhn-day) and looking forward to losing that habbit completely by the time I return from Tree of Life!

Will keep you all posted on the PRE FAST Coffee withdrawal 7 days of raw juice fasting and 2 days of raw food break fasting at Tree of Life. Continue reading

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Hi from American Yogini

This is Mary McGuire, a Yoga and Pilates Instructor who has turned my home into a living model for living an eco-conscious, greener, organic, vegetarian (with carnivores who I love as guests and the challenges that brings)  and simply more connected life at home. I wonder if you will be able to view this video of me here. Give it a try! The hair thing at the end when I am cooking the seaweed was a blooper and, well, it's not my usual "look" but hey, when I watch it, it really cracks me up!

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