Raw Un-Cooking Course With Chad Sarno

group at Chads course.JPGChad Sarno.JPGraw salad1.JPG

It was our “Yogini in the Kitchen Sunday” today and we had a wonderful experience with the absolutely inspiring Chad Sarno. He’s GENIOUS! He came in last night to set up for a day full of wonderful Raw Cuisine. All are uncooked using only the highest quality organic fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, etc. We had an exquisite Raw Chocolate Tort with Strawberries poached in a tastey Raspberry Liquour. Sorry to say we ate it before I could grab the camera. But you can take it on good authority that it was the most amazing treat I have ever had in my life. This was a 7 hr. intensive course that will be followed up in March 2006 with part 2 that promises to be just as wonderful as today. And to top it off we have in store for us at the end an elegantly raw 4 course dinner.

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