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Another Raw Juice fast another beautiful group and Art and Yoga in France approaches

It amazes me everytime another group of ladies arrives to my door. Even though they have never met in most cases, they always seem to be the perfect mix of personalities and helpful friends to one another!  With this retreat going on only a week before our departure for Giverny and Paris for the Art and Yoga retreat there, excitment is running high. The airfares to go to France are lower now than they were a few months ago when I booked MY ticket, so we have two last minute guests who signed on only recently! One as recently as TODAY! Ah France! Nous arrivons! 


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Maryland Yogini’s are our guest for a five day spring cleanse

Ryan Michelina and Kristin.JPGWe have the most beautiful yogini's from Maryland here for our 5 day Spring Cleanse juice fast that began tonight. Rugby fell fast in love!

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