Art and Yoga in Giverny France

givernybridge2.jpgI had thought I would blog daily our beautiful adventure in France, but alas! The pace was like a blur to me, so many sights ( monet's garden and home, lovely streets of Vernon, GIverny and Normandy) and sounds ( birdsong so pretty, included cuckoos too, not to mention sweet cows and sheep), tastes ( I was the cook and had a few challenges in the kitchen! The fresh pea soup was a big hit as was the vegetarian pizza and the blood orange tart). I was surrounded by fervent artists and yogis, many total beginners. What a joy and honor it is to be the teacher to present yoga to a student for the very first time. Very exciteing to introduce people to a beautiful and individual practice!  Charles Wildbank was fantastic as teacher and leader of our talented group. He is a very serious painter of large scale murals who rarely teaches as he is indeed constantly occupied with commisions and deep into his work on a new collection of work. I consider it a truly lucky break for us all to have had him as our teacher.

The house was beyond our wildest dreams, very luxurious with beautiful new bathrooms, and surrounded by a farm who's fields provided us with fresh sorrel, nettles, and herbs for our table and yes, as I mentioned, cows and sheep too. Photos tell the whole story and will soon be posted, as will a new video as soon as editing can be completed! It was like walking inside a painting. Our hosts, Marie Lorainne ( who is an excelent artist herself!) and Didier Brunet, were charming, warm and unbelievably generous, helping us in every possible way with endless smiles and genuine spirit of loving service. The house was beautiful precisly because of them, simply reflecting how beautiful they are!

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