American Yogini in the News

I did not know that one of my sweet guests was a writer for the Hartford Courant at the time! This appeared in the Sunday July 9th Lifestyle section:

The Juice Retreat

Vacationers, No Longer Satisfied With Sightseeing, Sign Up For Educational, Self-Improvement Programs

July 9, 2006

By JOANN KLIMKIEWICZ, Courant Staff Writer

>Joanne writes: “I was committed to making yoga a more regular part of my routine. I had a sudden urge to purge my closets and desk drawers of all the clutter that had accumulated in the last year. And I had this unprecedented excitement about cooking new foods, trying new recipes and ingredients – and just taking better care of myself.

It was as though I had returned home with suitcase of guiding principles that I could go back to whenever life got hectic or threw me a curveball. When I felt drained and ragged, I knew how to give myself my own mini-retreat.


And that, to me, is more valuable than the shiniest knick-knack in any souvenir shop” Thank you, Joann so very very much for this affirmation of my work.

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