Nutrition- Cure for Learning Disorder?

Just as my baby was about to turn 1, I decided it was time to lose the 60+ pounds I had gained during pregnancy. I decided, along with excersizes like yoga and pilates, to cut out simple carbohydrates and include lots of fresh and natural foods, free of chemicals and dyes like vegetables, fruits and other foods high in fiber and low in fat into my diet. 2 years later, I am finally down to my pre-pregnancy weight and I feel healthier than ever. In the process I learned something extremely important that I didn’t expect. I learned how to use nutrition as medicine.
As a teenager, I was one of the many of my generation to be diagnosed with ADD (Attention Defecit Disorder). The medication I was prescribed created a nightmare of depression, anxiety and dependancy for me. But through the process of losing weight I discovered that the food I was feeding myself was absolutely more than half of the solution to my “learning disability.” Cutting out sugar and simple carbohydrates and replacing it with more fresh and natural foods, free of chemicals and dyes like raw juices, created and maintained what medication could not. I was suddenly more focused. There was a drastic improvement in my mental clarity and I was able to operate more efficiently in every aspect of my life.
Today my memory is working great, but I seldom remember that I was ever diagnosed with ADD. I now know nutrition is the tool that allows me to manage it.

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