Home for the Holidays, Alone for the Holidays?

raw stuffed mushrooms for Thanksgiving starter

raw stuffed mushrooms for Thanksgiving starter

We had decided two years ago that we would always close for Thanksgiving and Winter holidays, to give ourselves a chance to change our pace to a carefree unscheduled bit of time, possibly to travel to our families and enjoy their company.  We were looking forward to a Thanksgiving break, and then I recieved a few calls from people asking if we would be open. In the past we were normally alone on holidays, no one wanting to go on a juice cleansing retreat during a holiday! But to our surprise we are needed and wanted this year. We are glad to be staying hohm, and glad we are going to be welcoming home our some of our wonderful past clients. Grateful to be of service and be here to provide refuge, retreat, nourishment, and friendship to those who seek it.

My favorite holiday with my favorite people: my guests and students and certain members of my family too will be here. All of us happy to be sharing some gratitude, and bask in the presence of all this benevolence.

So I’m getting the menu settled now, and will let you know how we decide!

Banana Goji ice ‘cream” deserts are in the picture though 🙂

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