What juicer is best?

Lots of our guests and many of you writing in ask about how to buy the best juicer. The bottom line is to buy one that you will USE, and that means look for a simple juicer. One that you can use, disassemble, wash and reassemble in less than 5 minutes. We use a Norwalk Press for our home delivered juice cleanses, but here at hohm it’s a Breville all the way. We once used ( in our video we still used) a Jack la Lane, but the Breville has surpassed it in simplicity to disassemble wash and reassemble. It has the fewest parts of any home juicer and it works better than anything. Every time you take a machine apart and wash it you risk losing some little part, and then of course that puts a major speed bump in the juice making plan! Keep it simple. Found this blog post that gives a really good run down of quite a few models. It should help.


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2 responses to “What juicer is best?

  1. nancy1973

    I have had my Breville juicer for 3 years now and it has never failed me. Mine is a re-furbished one that I ordered from Amazon. It makes my Green Power Juice about every morning!
    American Yogini rocks! Hoping to come to a program there sometime. I am a Vegan Cooking/Baking teacher and Nutritional Counselor from Bay Shore and grad of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in NYC. I blog about my cooking adventures on:


  2. Hi Nancy
    Thanks for the comment, I think my home Breville is 3 years old too, and I use it daily for me and many friends, like 7 days a week. Care to share that “green power juice” receipt? I want my juice in the morning like I used to want my coffee, once upon a time.

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