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Juice fasting guest jenny

This is whatvour beach looks like today. Jenny is on her 4th day juice fasting in this picture. The stones are all different colors and look like jewels when wet. Isn’t she pretty?


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Meditation for Navigating Change with Grace

Lot’s of changes during this autumnal season of change during an election year, when change is the mantra of many: bringing resistance and fear. So we invented the easy comfort and sensory meditation to bring us back to our ‘feeling” senses:   a way out of our “calculating” senses of our thinking mind whos purpose is to separate and categorize our experiences and back home to our feeling hearts where we remember our connection to each other and all things.  Hope you like it as much as I do.

YES  Charles did take this picture of my tea today. The final blooms of lavender are expressing themselves in our garden before winter and inspired the tea recipe in this weeks newsletter.

American Yogini’s Meditation for Navigating Change with Grace
Gather what you will need:
ü A mug of hot tea or hot water with honey and lemon
ü A warm blanket
ü A journal and pen
ü A comfortable non-habitual “seat”*
Be sure to turn your cell phone ringer off, and let others know not to disturb you for at least 30 minutes.

Step 1: with the blanket wrapped warmly around you, just sit holding your tea in both hands just enjoy holding and feeling warmth of tea in your hands without drinking it. You can smell the aroma, and feel the warmth of the cup permeate you—move inside of you.

Step 2: sip your tea only once, then count three long slow deep breaths – observing your body move as it takes in as much breath as it can and empty of breath as much as it can. After three such conscious breaths take another sip of your tea. Repeat this for 3 sips of your tea.
Step 3
3a          eyes closed and slightly rolled upward as though gazing softly into your forehead, – not enough to cause pain or strain, just very slightly to give you something to put your attention on besides your thoughts.
3b         Then “watch” yourself breath – that is –observe yourself inhaling and exhaling without trying to control it, by mentally – not verbally- repeating the sound “Sat” as you are inhaling, and “Nam” as you are exhaling. If you narrow the back of your throat slightly it is easy to audibly hear the sound of your breath. This gives you something to focus on so you can then allow your mind a much needed break from fearful thoughts. Continue for about 3 full minutes, or 80 breaths
Step 4: Do nothing.
Just “be”.
Listen to the sounds of life, be it silence, nature, activity outside your door, as you continue to cup your tea mug. Feel the warmth and goodness of this moment, the safety and comfort and enjoy it fully.
Continue for as long as you wish.

Step 5:
Pick up your journal and make a long list of everything you have which is good. ( do not confuse this time to list that which you are wanting, but keep your list to all of that which you already have right now in your life that is good)

Step 6

if negative thoughts appear go back to the warmth of the tea and blanket, perceive your heart beat, and just feel.

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Juice Fast Coach Certification

I am so THRILLED to be finally offering a program that can guide teachers to introduce and coach others the miraculous process of juice fasting, juice feasting, and yogic cleansing rituals!. I have recieved so many requests for a teacher training program, it has been overwhelming this past year, so I am very happy and proud to be offering this to you with our first group of trainees to complete our program this June here in New York,  with future trainings in California, Chicago and Houston. Stay very tuned in so you can learn how you can become a Certified Juice Fast Coach with American Yogini this year, and start sharing this important practice with others. Stay tuned! Our first tele-conference information session will take place on two occasions this month, and then every week until the start of our program this June. Check the June calendar on the website for more details and dates.


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“Fruition”, new eco-hohm is complete at last

sustainable fire in our new hohm raw food kitchen So much so fast so wonderful so perfect! Just got the first great photos of our new place here for American Yogini, and we are calling it HOHM! Trademark in place, organic drapes, zero voc paints, sustainable cork floors….we even did a salt water swimming pool! It was like one of those tv shows where they build a house in a week. Only we did it in 5 months between July and December. Raw juice fast retreats have continued, the online store is still getting polished up, and exciting products ready to roll out.
This kitchen will be the site of many raw food, juicing, and natural yet modern hohm keeping videos.

What is true in your hohm, in your life and your surroundings is true in your body too. That is what and how we teach yoga here at American Yogini Juice Fast retreats, and I am so excited to share all this.  We are just brimming with action here! Our retreats have been full or nearly full every week even as new furniture is delivered and we find optimal places for our fantastic new products. We are so GRATEFUL for all this! In February video production should be well underway.

In the mean time, post a comment in our blog here to let us know what you most would like to learn and see in our vegan and raw kitchen.

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