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April showers

Showers here at our cleanse. Perfect yoga flow to the sound of soft rain, wind chimes in the distance, and an incredible crackling fire. Outside the daffodils are happily drinking rain and patiently awaiting the sun. Good cleanse weather! Spring cleaning our house too. Found this great book, such fantastic rescource! Check it out if you are looking for “yogini approved” housekeeping formulas and tips:  <http://www.supernaturalhomequiz.com/



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img_9083.jpgAmerican yogini in the snow! It has been mostly pretty warm, but we have gotten just enough snow to look like a pretty candy land while we cozy up to the fire for juice fasting while in hibernation!

Many guests love to do thier annual juice fast in winter when they are in a natural resting state. Guests tend to enjoy sleeping in and taking yoga class later in the day in front of the fireplace.

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