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What to do while juice fasting

Juice Cleanser Jenny Juice Cleansing is really something we do when we are about to change, transform something or everything about our lives. So doing new things, or just the urge to do them happens. We have guests that set up easels around the house to paint, some that knit by the fire and produce an entire project over the course of a juice fast, some that do things they have never done before such as our recent guest Jenny who had so much energy she learned how to kayak, and to horseback ride! Even thought it is DECEMBER upon us, just this past week juice cleanse retreat guest enjoyed a day of kayaking ( wow LOVED this! We just bundled up in a parka and even felt HOT while paddling) one day and took english saddle riding lessons for the two days following. This group was taking a class, learning about water,  juice smoothies to maintain the restoration acheived during a five day juice cleanse.

a really wonderful break fast at hohm

a really wonderful break fast at hohm


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Twee Merrigan Hohmcoming Weekend


Twee in front of our pool

Twee in front of our pool

Twee Merrigan came hohm as promised and shared a truly refreshing weekend here at American Yogini. We have had a steady stream of juice cleansers here at our American Yogini HOhm, so I rarely have the pleasure of preparing and enjoying vegan food, both cooked and uncooked with my friends. We invited guests into the kitchen to help prepare raw zuchinni blossoms stuffed with parsnip cashew puree, thai spring rolls made by our newest juice fast coach, Shawn Williams ( picture coming soon!), vegan strawberry ice cream parfaits ( local, organic, yummmmm), frozen raw chocolate mouse, corn salad, guacamole, oh my so much more. it was amazing and Charles and I  are still enjoying the leftovers ( when our juice guests are not looking of course!).


And then there was….Twee. Well this sweeeeeet yogini master, yoga journal cover girl ( December 2007) and Yoga Journal Calendar model, and world tour teacher graciously and incredibly stopped when passing through New York on her “Soul Connections Tour”. Her two hour classes poolside were so refreshing, and we all basked in her clear benevolent energy. The vibe was so chill, all our guests the kindest souls on the planet. Saturday night, after dinner we sat around the fire outside and guess what????? Oh, we layed our heads back upon the pool lounges and looked up at the starry sky to catch…..a METEOR SHOWER! No kidding! Shooting star’s every where I looked! The weekend could not have been any more magical. Just what we needed. Oh and the new zen garden was completed the day before Twee arrived. That itself was miraculous, the work of Super Man Charles Wildbank, of course!

Gratitude! So much Gratitude! I have some very exciting news to reveal to you soon! Stay tuned!

love and hugs,

Mary 🙂

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Juice Fast Coach Certification

I am so THRILLED to be finally offering a program that can guide teachers to introduce and coach others the miraculous process of juice fasting, juice feasting, and yogic cleansing rituals!. I have recieved so many requests for a teacher training program, it has been overwhelming this past year, so I am very happy and proud to be offering this to you with our first group of trainees to complete our program this June here in New York,  with future trainings in California, Chicago and Houston. Stay very tuned in so you can learn how you can become a Certified Juice Fast Coach with American Yogini this year, and start sharing this important practice with others. Stay tuned! Our first tele-conference information session will take place on two occasions this month, and then every week until the start of our program this June. Check the June calendar on the website for more details and dates.


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Want to be WELL? Do NOTHING!

Here are some questions for you:

Q-Want to relieve stress?


Q- What creates more illness: stress or poor nutrition?

A- Stress

Of these two stress is first. (Are you an “emotional” eater?)

Stress is the source. Stress is what lands within the nervous system when we experience conflicting beliefs.

Usually YOUR true inner voice conflicting with the voices of others who are around you. Parents, family members, friends, even the voices of the media: commercials and magazines telling us we are not right without certain products, and worse – certain drugs. Conflict arises when your own TRUTH speaks to you and you ignore it because you love these people and you want their approval and love back in return. FEAR of not being loved can cause us to ignore our own inner voice. Because your truth is your TRUTH, You will still feel this voice deep inside, so the resulting conflict is what shapes you. Literally: it SHAPES you. Your bodies are shaped by your truth or by your conflict. Your posture, the thickness of your waist or your hips, the face you see in the mirror each day. If you do not like what you see in the mirror, consider if you are living in a stress filled existence full of information and advice that is in direct conflict with your inner voice. Consider if you have even allowed your inner voice to be heard, not only by the world around your but by your very own self? Sometimes it’s hard to hear what our truth is, what we want, what makes us FEEL GOOD, through the cacophony of advertisements, well intended family, friends and co-workers.

Raw Juice Fasting is so much more than lightening up the body, although it is perfect for just that. Your juice fast is the time to just DO NOTHING. Relax into nothingness, let yourself just be yourself, let yourself quiet down and listen to what your body is telling you. Without the noise and distractions of your daily routine lives you can really drop down into yourself and learn who your are, what you want, tuning into YOUR OWN truth. This is the only way to eliminate illness-creating stress caused by information that is in direct conflict with our inner guidance. So do yourself a big favor and DO NOTHING.

Just let it be OK to BE for a few days while you enjoy your juice cleanse. When you come out the other side you will find yourself  confidently knowing your own truth and moving closer each time you come to this practice toward a stress free and happier life. 

Spring is coming…

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